About Us

We started this business in 1998, with the intention of using techniques first invented in our fine art print business, to create museum quality gifts for everyone. Everything is made in our solar powered Santa Fe, New Mexico studio, using methods and materials that are gentle to the planet. We appreciate your continued support.

—Regards, Barbara + Jeff

Our Products

This is what happens when a fine art printer makes a product.
It all started when Jeff, who was collaborating with a photo conceptual artist, invented a method of printing directly onto precious metals. We eventually realized that if we took this process, and made it really tiny, we could call it jewelry! The result is a simple work that is rich in detail. We now focus our time researching and designing new images and words to add to the line.

How we make our products
We print directly onto sterling silver, finishing the images with jewelry resin. This protects the image while creating a sense of dimension. Our proprietary process bridges the gap between the 19th Century and today. Some of the photographs are ours, while others are mined from the public domain.

We use solid sterling silver parts, ink and jewelry resin. No lead, or nickel. Cords are nylon. Chains are sterling or stainless steel.

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