These are my go-to gift for nieces and friends.

Laura T. St. Louis, MO

Everyday Artifact Necklaces

I'm really serious about how much I love your pendants, it was so hard to choose...What a great surprise when my husband gave me my beautiful necklaces. Thanks for your help!

— J. N.  Denver, CO

Everyday Artifact Charms

I bought two of your charms and I just wanted to say how much I love them!!

—M. I. Minneapolis, MN

Anchor Pendant

I absolutely love their work. I wear them always. Great as gifts!

— A.T.  Albuquerque, NM

Santosha Pendant

Just received my santosha (contentment) pendant. I’m obsessed.

– E.R., Wellington, CO

Live Love Laugh pendant

I wear one that says ’auggh’ all the time. My friends say it is totally me.

– A.D.W., Portland, OR

Custom pendant

The necklaces you made for our group are so beautiful. I can’t wait to wear mine.

– L.K., Austin, TX

Custom pendant

I loved this so much I ordered the same one for my Mom.

– H.S., Tarrytown, NY